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eContouring for Head and Neck: Right Parotid webinar Dec 15th, 2022

eContouring for Head and Neck webinar Dec 15th, 2022

Sung Kim, MD
Suresh K. Mukherji, MD

Homework: Feel free to contour as much of this case as you like….but during the session, we will specifically review
contours for the following:
1. Use the preop CT neck and PET/CT to contour GTV preoperative on slices 138, 148, 181
2. Contour CTV66 and CTV60 on slices 138, 148
3. Contour CTV66 on slice 181
4. Use CTV60 to trace the facial nerve pathway on slices 133, 136
5. Use CTV60 to contour V3 pathway on slices 124
ASTRO: eContouring for Oral cavity case HN Cancer webinar Vignette: Dec. 15th, 2022
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Hint for homework:
1. In this case CTV66 was used to contour the area around the primary by the deep lobe of the parotid and
parapharyngeal space…CTV60 was used to treat the remaining lateral parotid tissue and to trace the facial nerve &
auriculotemporal (V3) nerve pathway
2. Use this excellent article by Ko et al to help you contour the facial nerve pathway on the right (A contouring guide
for head and neck cancers with perineural invasion, Practical Radiation Oncology (2014) 4, e247-e258)

Disabled Contours: All contours disabled
Enabled Contours: None

Resource Files:
- SM_SK_HN: Right Parotid-Vignette 12152022
- EduCase Training Video: How to contour, complete the homework, and save/submit
- EduCase User Guide

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